ICSE Class 9 Geography Learning Notes

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Chapter-wise Important Notes, Explanations, Questions and Answers of Geography in ICSE Class 9. These notes strictly follow ICSE Class 9 curriculum and highly recommended for ICSE 9th Final exam preparation.


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ICSE Class 9 Geography Learning Notes

Geography is one of the most interesting but lengthy subject in ICSE. The syllabus of Class 9 covers in-depth about Earth & Earth’s surface, Hydrosphere, Atmosphere, Pollution etc. In addition, there is mandatory Map work section which includes natural regions of the world, the major water bodies, mountains plateaus and more.

Many students face difficulty in learning important concepts in the subject and tend to forget easily and score average marks in the Geography exam. This exclusive Geography Learning Notes on Exam18 offers very effective ways to learn all the important concepts in the subject and be exam-ready after spending only few hours with the material.

For every topic, following is given in the material:

  1. Important concepts with explanation
  2. Diagrams and explanation
  3. Give-reason based questions
  4. Questions and Answers

Entire map work is also included in this material.

Topics included in ICSE Class 9 Geography Learning Notes

  1. Our World
  2. Structure of the Earth
  3. Hydrosphere
  4. Atmosphere
  5. Pollution
  6. Natural Regions of the World
  7. Map Work

Frequently Asked Questions about ICSE Class 9 Geography Learning Notes

Are these notes for ICSE Students throughout India?
ICSE curriculum is same for all students across India, so any student currently in ICSE Class 9 can study these notes.

How can I avail this guide?
This revision guide is available in two formats – Printed Book (Physical copy) & Digital Download (PDF).

Should I buy Printed Book or Digital Download format?
Most students find Printed Book format convenient for studying from this guide, however, if you need it urgently, you can buy the digital download format and download the PDF file instantly.

Is this book available in bookstores?
This book is exclusively available on Exam18.com. You can order here on this website or call us on 07506181854 to place your order.

Can I take print outs of digital download format?
Yes, print outs can be taken.

I’m a Teacher. Can I buy this package and share with my students?
All Exam18 packages are for personal use only. Any commercial distribution or sharing requires authorization from Exam18. Please reach out to our support team for more details.


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  1. Pronit Roy
    5 out of 5

    Pronit Roy

    I am a ICSE class 9 student from Kolkata and I find Geography very difficult to memorise. Thanks to the Author and Exam18 for creating this book since it explains all the concepts visually and I recently scored 19/20 marks in my mid-term exam at school.

  2. Sumedha S.
    5 out of 5

    Sumedha S.

    these are really useful notes for geography revisions in class 9 icse.

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