From a recent ICSE student – How to effectively prepare for ICSE board exams?

ICSE exams are conducted every year by CISCE board across India. If you are reading this, you’re probably trekking the long journey of ‘How to crack ICSE Examinations’. ICSE examinations for a lot of students is a “nightmare”, but, in reality it’s one of the easiest journeys you can finish. These examinations can be made easy only when you have the right equipment’s and techniques, and more importantly the right mindset.

1. Divide the Work – Make a Time Schedule!

Just as you would divide a map into different grids to understand it better, divide each subject into different parts, either chapter-wise or unit-wise, as per your convenience. Instead of finishing 13 chapters a day, it would be more feasible to complete, say 3 – 4 a day. Do not set unrealistic targets. Set an achievable goal which you can fulfill in a day. Moreover, if you are one of those people who find studying tedious do little every day. It’s recommended to devote a week to each subject followed by revision when all subjects can be said completed. This method works wonders, as you can give full attention to one subject and really understand each and every aspect of it.

2. Practice – Especially Languages

CISCE puts great emphasis on languages, in fact English is often referred to as the core of CISCE board. So, it’s essential to ensure that you’re writing skills are on point. You can trek a tedious journey without any prior skill set or practice. Language works differently for everyone. There are multiple techniques to improve your language skills. Speaking, writing, practicing papers or reading amongst a few. One recommended way is – you can solve papers with a friend and peer review each other’s solved papers which will evaluate not only your friend’s grade in language but your own skills too.

 3. Papers are your best friend

We have always mentioned “Practice, Practice and Practice”. Whether, it be sample or even the mock papers your school has given, practice them thoroughly. There may be chances that they have the clue to the hidden gem, otherwise known as good results. A lot of mock papers are prepared very carefully by teachers to help students understand exactly what will appear in the board exams. So, do not discard them once you’re done with it, rather analyze all the questions. We strongly recommend to refer to notes online too, they help loads! It’s also suggested not to jump to solutions right away, refer to your notes/books to find the right answers by yourself which will not only help you find solutions to the questions but also help revise entire topic, eventually marking it on your tips.

4. Know the Paper Format

If you know format of the question paper to appear in board exams, you are already on the right path. The format of ICSE papers varies from subject to subject, therefore, good knowledge of all of them helps in formulating answers well and right on the point. For example, a two marks answer wouldn’t require as much detail as a three marks question or a five marks question. Understanding how much to write for each question helps in time management and not tiring your hands out.

5. Don’t get overwhelmed

Most importantly, please don’t get overwhelmed by the thought of writing the exams. Stress never helps you. It is an exam and you will get through it, with success, we promise.

And even if you’re forced to study a subject you don’t like, take it in a stride, because not studying it won’t help, and a little extra knowledge won’t do anyone any harm.

Good luck for your exams! Ace it with Exam18!

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